Delirium brings a new Path of Exile in this year

  • Path of Exile's player customization is a very complex system. It has a combination of very powerful loot, abilities and passive skill trees with more than 1300 different abilities. This will make you a killing machine without emotion. Although it has many different versions, there are only a few versions recommended by the POE Currency community to players. With the emergence of the Delirium expansion, Path of Exile takes players away from the grid and opens up a whole new part of the passive skill screen. You need to fight against thousands of monsters and kill them.
    Path of Exile 2 still seems far away from us, but while we waited, Grinding Gear Games did not make an update to their free action role-playing game this quarter. Path of Exile's Delirium League brings us into the terrifying world of mirrors, and powerful jewelry also opens up a new way of playing.
    Delirium, like most extensions in Path of Exile, requires players to challenge themselves according to their own conditions and can choose the system to use. In the Delirium League, players will find fragmentation, terrifying mirrors everywhere, and the mirror behind them makes it difficult to tell which one is the real one.
    Single-step execution will bring you into a parallel size. Within about a minute, you will be attacked by powerful monsters, and the fog will change. These tribes are much harder than ordinary ordinary small animals, and as you push them into this strange new world from the POE Chaos Orb place where the mirror was found, the more terrible attacks you will receive until your death.
    Those who want to challenge their limits can choose to go through the mirror and then play the boss of the main story in the mist, which will greatly increase the difficulty of fighting with the boss. But you will get a very generous reward. The hollow technique is a very interesting technique. It prohibits you from using weapons or gloves, but it can carry out powerful freehand martial arts attacks, which can be said to be very flexible.