The mobile version of Path of Exile makes its debut at ExileCon

  • The mobile version of Path of Exile has been released, it is really incredible. But when the POE Trade mobile user interface first appeared in a video at the Aotea Center in Auckland, New Zealand, I was convinced that this was true. Chris Wilson and his Grinding Gear Games team are also ready for players to provide feedback on the weekend, so how exactly should Path of Exile accomplish this conversion?
    Nowadays, more and more games are moving towards mobility. In recent months, we have seen Black Desert Mobile, and even EVE Online is taking action through EVE Echoes. However, Path of Exile may be one of the few games that can truly bring a good experience to mobile platforms.
    On the surface, it is indeed very similar to Path, although the vision is slightly worse than the PC version. But the texture does appear on the small screen of the phone. In the beginning, players can choose between predators, witches or rangers. The movement is mapped to the virtual fingertip on the left side of the screen, and fortunately, the fingertip can be tracked by hand, which means that if the grip is slightly offset, it can be controlled without readjustment, and the fingertip can recognize and follow you . Use three fairly large buttons to map your skills to the right side of the screen, your main skills are centered, and slightly larger than the other two skills to make it easier to release.
    The main problem of the mobile version of Path of Exile is that the response speed of certain UI elements is not ideal, especially your health and magic bottle. The POE Orbs list screen has been reduced a bit, there is no more space in your list than the corresponding place on the PC, and I am not sure whether this is only a technical limitation of mobile or only the user interface on the screen, but it does have limitations. In all the games related to collecting loot, it is really uncomfortable not to get as many loot as possible.
    Although the release date of the mobile version has not been determined so far, this does not affect the expectations of gamers and friends. It's so interesting, to be honest, I can't wait to try it again when Grinding Gear Games release another test.