Things to Consider when Choose the Right Rattan Furniture

  • Rattan is a renewable and organic palm growing in tropical regions like Africa and Asia. This material is an excellent choice for making Modern Leisure Chair thanks to its aesthetically-pleasing design and durable construct. The following buying guide should help you decide what kind of outdoor furniture to purchase.

    Consider Maintenance Requirements

    You should give consideration to the amount of work that may be required to keep your Inshare rattan garden furniture in good shape. Whether you buy premium or budget pieces, you still need to carry out some level of maintenance as it plays an important role in maximising the value of your purchase. This is especially true during the COVID-19 period if family or friends come to visit your home, as you are likely to spend more time outside to maintain social distancing, which means the furniture pieces need to be cleaned more frequently.

    Good quality natural rattan is very low maintenance, so whether investing in a garden sofa or rattan dining set you won’t have to work too hard to keep it in good condition. It’s a good idea to avoid synthetic rattan as the quality can often be lower and not as reliable, which will increase the amount of maintenance and care you have to provide.

    A smart year-round choice is to use waterproof cushions for outdoor furniture to protect against rainfall, especially for rattan patio furniture that is more exposed to the outside elements. Some fabrics such as PVC mesh, polyester or solution dyed acrylic/olefin always stand up well to testing weather conditions throughout the year.

    Waterproof Rattan

    Unlike other natural materials (such as wood), Rattan requires no oils, preservatives, paints or other treatments to stay healthy and attractive for years. We do recommend covering your rattan furniture with our shield covers, guaranteeing protection. If your rattan furniture ever does become dirty, spray off the dirt with a hose or wipe with a wet cloth and your furniture will be as good as new. For an in-depth look at Rattan, maintenance follow the Rattan clean and care guide.

    Consider Comfort

    Because summer is approaching, you should also consider furniture that gives comfort while you are resting outside. Pick an outdoor chair with enough cushions and pillows to increase coziness. Cushions will provide comfort to you and your guests, and encourage everyone to stay in your garden for longer periods. Aside from this, investing in cushions for your outdoor furniture will also encourage your family and guests to engage in conversations with each other, and bask in the great outdoors to relax.

    Easy to maintain

    Rattan is easy to maintain, especially when compared to other wood furniture currently in the market. You don't need any fancy wood cleaner to ensure that your rattan furniture stays clean. Simply use a soft washcloth and regular dishwashing soap to clean as needed. You should also use a small brush to get at the little nooks and crannies that are difficult to clean with your washcloth.

    Shape and Size

    Before paying for an item, make sure it is suitable for the space it is intended for. Large furniture may not be ideal for a small yard, and vice versa. Furniture also comes in different shapes to rhyme with the decor so you must choose wisely. It is advisable to measure the space intended for furniture to avoid complications.


    Most outdoor furniture is destined to stay outside all year but many retailers will suggest that, to get the best life out of them, you should store your sofa or chair cushions over the wet winter months. Normally these cushions aren’t small so think about this before you buy and work out where they can be stored when not in use.

    Rattan Corner Sofa has long been a common type of furniture that continues to be preferred by many. No matter what your reason may be for choosing rattan or rattan-inspired furniture, make sure that you put careful thought and consideration to your choice. Insharefurniture is a website which wholsale Modern Leisure Chair and other rattan furniture, you can click to learn more information, or visit our factory.