Kai’Sa is more in the background

  • Popular TikTok star Dalha went viral online after sharing her mind-blowing Darling in the Franxx cosplay. The artist’s stunning transformation into Zero Two will leave fans of the anime in awe.The Korean star went viral in April after she shared her jaw-dropping recreation of Darling in the Franxx heroine, Zero Two. CCosplay     However, Andrasta is looking to change that, creating a cosplay of the Daughter of the Void in her girl group outfit that rivals the other members.Wanda Costume    Kai’Sa is more in the background when it comes to K/DA’s hit music, but the Daughter of the Void often steals the dance floor from her other girl group members.Featuring a lot of black leather and tinges of blue, Andrasta’s Kai’Sa is one of the best we’ve seen.L