Path of Exile- Update 3.10.2 adds Vulkan-based renderer

  • A few days later, on June 3rd, at 00:00 Moscow time, Grinding Gear Games will present its RPG Path of Exile ’s next major content update, but currently, the developer announced the release of patch 3.10.2 Added testing Vulkan based rendering version. The Path of Exile game is designed around items. Any game system that can be listed item by item using random attributes already exists. Our flask is a permanent item with a mod. Our final game area can be found as a map item with mods that modify its challenges and rewards. There is no doubt that POE Currency can provide great help to players in this process.

    According to the creator, although the game engine supports multithreading, DirectX 11 firmware and hardware cannot fully implement it, which causes additional delays when the processor is under heavy load. For Vulkan-based rendering, in this case, all tasks are performed using functions controlled by the developer himself, which makes it easy to optimize and ensure stable operation without increasing performance.

    Of course, the smoothness of the events that occur on the screen depends on many factors, but the team wants to exclude certain variables to ensure a constant frame rate. Vulkan is currently in beta, but will later become the main renderer used on the road to exile. Although the gaming industry has been affected by Corona Virus recently, it has not affected players' expectations of Path of Exile 2, and hopes that the new version will meet the expectations of players. By the way, new and old players can now buy poe currency , POE Chaos Orb and prepare for the new version.