Path Of Exile Multiplayer Interpreters: Cooperation and Pillage

  • Multiplayer games are key elements such as action RPGs. For example, Path Of Exile, you and your friends can participate in group gatherings of 2 to 6 people to venture through the game world and participate in later game activities. However, some key factors need to be considered when gathering, for example, making monsters more difficult, or how to affect the drop of loot such as POE Chaos Orb, POE Exalted Orb. Junior players

    Group on the Path Of Exile
    Partying is one of the simplest operations on the path of exile. Press "S" to open the social menu, click "Invite friends", enter the name of the friend's role, and add friends. When they are online, you can invite them to join your forum. If you and your friends are in the task area but cannot find them, click the small portal next to their avatar to transfer to their instance.

    How the loot in the party works
    When crossing the path of exile at a party, you can choose to change the loot rules. The following is a brief introduction:
    All free
    Items (such as POE Exalted Orb) can be owned by anyone who picks them up after falling.
    Short-term distribution
    Randomly assign loot to nearby party members. If your members do not get the items assigned to them, it is desirable for any other member.
    Permanent allocation
    Randomly assign loot to nearby party members. Unlike the short-term distribution, no matter how long it passes, it will not be snatched by the people for free.

    How do players play with friends who differ greatly in level
    Adjust the Level Downscaling setting:
    If the "level reduction" function is enabled, the game will adjust your level appropriately and your friends will get a full experience value.
    If you disable the "level reduction" function, you will remain at a normal level, and friends at lower levels will be punished by experience points, which means they will not be able to earn their due income.
    Play with friends at a higher level, please allow them to create a party and adjust the "lower level" setting.

    Since the enemy gains extra health, playing with others will also make the game more difficult. But this will also increase the loot drop rate of the entire party. It is very easy for the team to enter the path of exile. Now you only need to master dozens of other systems. Of course, you can also choose POE Currency Buy to increase your gaming experience.