Madden Wish List: 10 Proposed Changes For Madden 21 (Part 2)

  • Every year, Madden has high hopes for improving graphics and updating the roster. But each game also provides new features and game modes, which make it more unique than previous games. By the way, if you encounter any difficulties in the new mode experience, you can use the power of Madden 21 Coins to solve it. This year’s version will definitely bring a lot of new surprises to fans, so here are 10 recommended changes for Madden 21:

    6. Cross-play between Xbox and PlayStation.

    Competition between Xbox and PlayStation gamers is fierce. Since the original Xbox console came out in 2001, there has been a debate about which console is better. Perhaps the easiest way to resolve this dispute is for them to confront each other.

    Cross-platform games have been around for a while. There are many games that provide this feature in some form, but these include popular games such as Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Minecraft. With cross-platform games, people don’t have to worry about buying specific game consoles just because their friends choose Xbox or PlayStation. It will build a bridge between the two communities and create more competition in online games.

    7. Dwayne Haskins Jr.'s throwing power level is higher.

    Now, every Redskins fan should know that Dwayne Haskins Jr. can start playing football. He showed that at the university and professional level, he can pass the ball to the field relatively easily. It's time for Haskins to work hard for it.

    EA Sports' website ranks Haskins' throwing power at 18th with a score of 89. Tom Brady James Winston, Carson Wentz and Jimmy Capopolo all scored 90 points. Buffalo Bill's quarterback Josh (Allen) has the strongest arm in the game, scoring 99 points. Haskins should not soar all the way to 99, but his arm strength is certainly worth touching directly in front of Brady, Winston and the other two signal senders. The ability to give him 91 shots will allow him to confront Russell Wilson and Derek Carr.

    8. Colcom's tackle scored higher.

    Currently, there are eight players in the Redskins defense who have higher tackle scores than Holcomb’s 77 points: Krieger, Montez Khan, Josh Harvey Clemmons, Sean Dee Weng Hamilton, Ruben Foster, Ryan Anderson, Jon Postic and Thomas Davis.

    For players who did not even have photos in the actual game, Holcomb performed well in 2019, taking the lead in completing 16 games (15 games) among all rookies. After Bostic (the team's highest rated tackler by Madden's standards) was tied to the tackle, it was enough to get a higher score.

    9. Create a playback function.

    Madden 20 provides gamers with rich script control. With custom features, they can mix and match plays from other teams to create completely their own scripts. You can even assign sounds.

    Maybe you want to create a script specifically for McLaurin, or you want Morgan Moses, Brandon Scherff, and Chase Roullier to work together. When Haskins is on the sideline, you can even perform playback involving triple reverse and fleas flicker. All these options are achievable.

    10. Integration of crime analysis.

    In the NFL, the field of analysis is constantly evolving, and some teams are dedicated to the entire department. Teams such as Baltimore Ravens used statistically-driven analysis to have the highest success rate for the third and fourth down conversions.

    As more and more teams begin to get involved in the analysis, implementing features in Madden 21 that allow gamers to use them may lead to a more immersive experience. Imagine this situation: on the opponent's 37-yard line, you are two yards less than the first game. You decide to kick it instead of kicking a field goal or doubles. What game should you choose?

    As you scroll through the script, there is a measure that tells you how successful each game is depending on how your opponent plays against each formation. There is no guarantee that the play will succeed, but you will know that the play you have played is likely to help you stay on the field. But if you Buy MUT Coins on GameMS, you can also increase your chances of winning the game.