Madden NFL 20: How to Perform a Slide

  • The latest version of EA’s most popular football game series, Madden NFL 20, provides players with more control than in previous franchises. Players need to be proficient in football rules and game mechanics in order to win the game reliably. Of course, if players use the help of Madden Coins, they will win the game more easily. The only problem is that some game mechanics are difficult to understand, or players may not realize why certain actions are used in the game.

    One such action is sliding. Players have the ability to make any of their players slide when needed, but it is not clear what the purpose of this game is. On the surface, the character carrying the ball sliding early and ending the game seems to be very unfavorable. But this is not the case, this guide shows players how to slide correctly in Madden NFL 20.

    NFL Madden 20: How to slide
    Sliding is actually a very easy action. Players only need to press and hold two triggers (RT and LT on Xbox One or R2 and L2 on PlayStation 4) and then press X/Square (depending on the system where the player is located). This will cause the currently selected character to slide along the ground. In fact, this action can be done by any offensive character chosen by the player, but for most players, the benefits do not seem to be immediately obvious.

    NFL Madden 20: When to use slides
    The sliding mechanism is very useful when the player controls the quarterback. Players who know how and when to slide can prevent the quarterback from being injured in the game and help them avoid messing up the ball and handing it over to the opposing team. After activating the slide, QB will not be able to shake, and it will also make it invincible. Those who try to solve the quarterback when slipping will actually clamp him instead of hitting him.
    In order to glide like QB, players need to ensure that the following operations have been completed:

    1. They must directly control QB when trying to slide.
    2. Players must hold down the correct trigger before they can take the lead from the pass.
    3. QB must have exceeded the line of contention.

    After completing these three things, the player will be able to slide correctly. But one thing to remember is that the effect of the slideshow is directly related to the character's speed rating. This means that the slower QB cannot be as fast as the faster QB. Players with slower QB can Buy Madden Coins on GameMS to activate the slide earlier than normal to ensure that the slide can be completed correctly.