Celebrate ACNH's first anniversary with pipe challenge's work

  • In the past 365 days, players have come to the desert island of Animal Crossing: New Horizons and experienced the first four seasons of change. And the recent hot Super Mario 35th anniversary theme also makes players forget about Tom Nook's first birthday.

    The most popular warp pipe tool also satisfies players' desire to take pictures. In addition to the role of decoration and auxiliary. In terms of taking photos with a high-altitude perspective, players want to challenge the pipeline challenge, and players have successfully brought their works into the public eye. The voice of ACNH Bells seemed to remind the start of the game.

    Players set foot on the night sky, wandered on the top of the tree, stood high in the sky, communicated with the huge dinosaur, or rode on its back, went up to the top of the building, and took a photo with the moon. Even being pushed up into the sky by flowers, resting on trees, listening to birds singing, or dancing above the fountain. On social media, we can see the creativity and imagination of the players, as well as the spirit of entertainment.

    Just like this event, in the past year, players have madly displayed their designs. Nintendo also launched an event on the first anniversary of the game. Players can post their screenshots from the past year to Twitter, and it will be possible to show your special memories in the gallery on March 20.

    It is very suitable to participate in such activities with the works of the Pipeline Challenge. Players can just post their picture on Twitter with the hashtag #ACNHYear1, and that's it! This is the most recent competition event. Players can express their ideas and creativity perfectly. In addition, this time the work is not creative before, and players are more likely to be on the wall. After you go to the wall, all players can see your work. Buy Nook Miles Tickets to decorate your island, take a beautiful picture and participate in the event!

    Of course, if you have special memories, you can also participate in the event. After all, when you want to take a screenshot, the matter should have an impact on you, and your statement may be able to affect other people. For example, it took a long time to get certain ACNH Items, cultivated the first flower that was difficult to heavier, caught a certain animal, and even saw the shocking design with Nook Miles Tickets, etc. You All can be shared.

    The first-anniversary event is about to start, so quickly open your photo album and remember those unforgettable moments.