Add a new climate in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

  • In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, sunny days, rain, and snows are common weather and climate. As the snow in the northern hemisphere melts, the green grass and the green leaves on the trees are showing players that spring is coming, and summer is not far away. Players occasionally encounter storms and can only look for treasures in their houses. The flowers and fruit trees were soaked by wind and rain. But this situation does not seem to satisfy the players' willingness to challenge. Expect more severe or different weather and climate to be added to the game.

    The idea of ​​some players is to increase the weather and climate of these types of thunderstorms and hail storms. You can better experience the humid environment and storm environment. Thick dark clouds, heavy rain, and lightning will bring more expectations to the game. Then design special rewards and themes. Make related themed items. Items and furniture related to lightning and storms and even ice. For example, ice sheets, lightning shards, or other items are upgraded with lightning and storms. Then players can Buy Animal Crossing Bells.

    Then update the similar way to the previous theme and introduce related DIY recipes. Let some flowers grow into different results under special weather conditions. For example, more snow and ice are absorbed, resulting in a flower shape similar to snow. Or flowers with lightning and storm attributes. Of course, it can also be used on other plants. Fruits with lightning properties are grasses that can only grow in icy and snowy weather. Collect wind and lightning items. Make furniture and clothing with relevant attributes.

    Of course, these are the expectations of the players. Add a new weather environment in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It will make the game richer, and even more, content can be introduced, such as functions such as weather forecasts or NPC announcers. And weather-related DIY recipes can also allow players to obtain ACNH Nook Miles Tickets in more ways. Design more game item styles. Do you expect a new climate to come to the game?