Drinking China Green Tea is Helpful to You

      1. Protect your eyes

      People usually drink sunshine CHINA GREEN TEA, can absorb rich lutein and vitamin A. these substances can not only promote the development of the eye, but also improve the function of the optic nerve. In order to prevent retinal degeneration, it has obvious preventive and alleviating effects on the eyesight decline that often occurs in human beings, as well as cataract and night blindness, which often occur in middle-aged and elderly people.

      1. Protecting teeth
        The protection of teeth is also one of the important functions of China Green tea, because the content of trace element fluorine in Rizhao Green tea is particularly high. After being absorbed by human body, this material can form a hard protective film on the surface of human teeth, which can prevent corrosive substances from damaging human teeth. In addition, people can absorb rich trace element calcium when drinking Rizhao Green tea, which can promote teeth Tooth development also has some benefits.
      2. Produce fluid to quench thirst
        China Green tea contains natural volatile oil and some aromatic substances. It can promote saliva secretion in the mouth after brewing and drinking, and it can generate fluid, quench thirst, nourish yin and moisten dryness. When people have symptoms of dry tongue or yin deficiency and fire, they can drink more Rizhao Green tea, which is good for relieving symptoms.

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