How Many Ways are there to Fix Hanger Hooks?


    The hanger hook is a component of every hanger. Of course, for a one-time forming hanger, the hanger hook and the hanger body are a whole, such as a plastic hanger. But for wooden hangers or some high-end metal hangers, the inner hanger is a combination. So there are several common fixing methods for hanger hooks that are not formed at one time?

    The first method is the spiral type. This is most common in wooden hangers. Some wooden hangers are perforated and fixed with screw caps, and some are not perforated. They can be rotated directly or pressed into it with a machine.

    The second method, riveting in, is usually used to fix iron pipe-type hangers. The hanger hook can usually be rotated, of course, it can also be directly riveted, but occasionally some looseness after a long time, after all, this is a process limitation.

    The third method is to use a small accessory to fix the hanger hook to the main body of the hanger in this way. Generally, this process is suitable for high-end hangers. After all, the workmanship is more complicated.

    The fourth method is direct spot welding. This process is the most common. For example, some inner hangers are to directly spot weld the hanger hook to the main body of the hanger. This process is also the simplest.

    In general, the fixing of hanger hooks has two results: inactivity and rotation. Of course, the fixing methods of hanger hooks are not limited to the above 4 kinds. Different hanger factories have some special craftsmanship, but the above four methods are all comparisons. Common.

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