Medical oxygen concentrator is a device that can be operated at

  •   As the demand for medical oxygen continues unabated, medical oxygen concentrator has become a sought-after device. Different from the supply of medical oxygen from industrial units through cylinders, a medical oxygen concentrator is a device that can be operated at home.

      When do I need medical oxygen concentrator?

      When blood saturation is below 94%, this may be a sign of respiratory distress. Usually, this is worth hospitalization, but due to the surge in COVID-19 cases and the shortage of oxygen beds, if hospital services are not available, the device can help those with saturation levels between 88-92. Any lower will require more intensive oxygenation, and any higher will mean improved lung function can eliminate the need for such equipment

      What is the role of medical oxygen concentrator?

      The medical oxygen concentrator inhales air and separates the oxygen, and then delivers it to the human body through a nasal cannula. Air is composed of 79% nitrogen and 21% oxygen. A concentrator that works by plugging in a power source can provide up to 95% oxygen. In respiratory infections that cause oxygen saturation below 90%, the use of external equipment to supply pure oxygen can reduce the burden on the lungs. However, in the case of severe respiratory distress, it may be necessary to provide oxygen with a purity of almost 99%, and the medical oxygen concentrator cannot do the job.

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