Not including Madden 22's biggest franchise improvement at lau


    Madden 22 is making major changes to the franchise model, such as the coaching skill tree and weekly strategy, but the biggest update will be made after the release. In the past ten years, the Madden series has introduced various new modes, such as the Ultimate Team mode from EA's successful FIFA franchise The Yard. However, for die-hard fans, the core of Madden is franchising, and this model has become quite stagnant in recent years. However, it didn't take long, because Madden 22 paid some serious attention to the fan's favorite mode.

    EA has shown many game improvements in Madden 22, such as the Dynamic Gameday feature and Next Gen Stats overhaul. It also gives players a glimpse of some major changes to the Madden 22 franchise. Recently, the company went deeper into the most important update of the franchise, which is reconnaissance. Madden’s reconnaissance features have some major improvements, such as location reconnaissance, area focus, etc., but when Madden 22 is first released, players will not be able to check them.

    Reconnaissance is the lifeblood of the franchise model. Although the other improvements that Madden 22 brings to Franchise, such as the Madden 22 Coins and the coaching skill tree, are major changes players have wanted for some time, the Franchise mode disappeared without scouting. When players enter the franchise league for about two decades, they must have draft classes to supplement and improve their roster. However, this year's release will follow Madden 21's strategy of regular franchise updates. However, once Madden 22's scout update does happen, players will have a lot of fun.

    One of the biggest problems with the old Madden scouting system is that its static characteristics and the number of points allocated each week are just to complete each round. However, those days will soon be gone, because Madden 22 will introduce a new dynamic draft board, which is updated organically many times a year and is also affected by players. Therefore, if a player finds a potential customer with first-round talent in the fifth or sixth round, they will not stay there again. As a scout prospect for the Madden 22 player, it has attracted national attention to the person, and other teams will also notice that as the season progresses, the player's draft ranking will also rise.Buy MUT Coins and you will get a better ranking.