Path of Exile 3.15 patch notes throw the community into chaos

  • The patch notes for the New Alliance Expedition caused controversy because the developers did destroy everything. The inventor of PoE has now justified this decision. On July 23, 2021, Path of Exile: Expedition will become the latest long-term action role-playing game league. The 3.15 large-scale update not only included a great new mechanism, but also a huge balance patch, which caused a lot of dissatisfaction in the community. In fact, many people suspect that the worst league ever is right in front of you.

    With the announcement of the new expansion POE: Expedition, Grinding Gear Games boss Chris Wilson said you should be prepared for the new meta game. All builds and characters should be about 20% weaker to balance the so-called Power Creep. The developer not only reduced your damage, but also changed the mana consumption and the function of skills and POE Currency. For many players, the nerf involved is too high, so they believe that the fun factor of exploring now will be set aside.

    Many players worry about the need to fine-tune their mana budget now because the mana multiplier has increased significantly. According to preliminary calculations by the community, the injury reduction effect can be significantly higher than the target by 20%. Depending on the composition of the gemstone, 6-cell setting can cause 60% to 80% damage loss. Many tracking items, such as the awakening six-touch auxiliary gem, are valuable items worth studying, obviously not that interesting, and have not been adjusted to be completely depreciated. Therefore, a big motivational factor is lost. Fighting monsters, many players think this is a chore before the actual game, they can earn up to 46% of their health. Combine with other nerfs to create even more unpopular stories. POE Exalted Orb allows you to have more powerful skills.

    The fact that the Path of Exile community likes to criticize a lot is nothing new. After all, there are many fans here who have not played anything else for years and have turned the game into a real science. However, this time the negative reaction was so severe that POE discoverer Chris Wilson had to publish a detailed post on Reddit.