Madden is still the worst video game series

  • The last time I played Madden was the 2017 version. Gronk is on the cover. That game was frustrating. It is full of errors, weird animations, and the drag route is irrefutable. If I believe most of the comments on Twitter, the game hasn’t improved much since then, if there is, people still buy Madden 22 Coins.

    Until EA’s exclusive license to produce simulated NFL games expires, the company has no incentive to improve. Recently, EA and NFL agreed to extend their transaction to 2026. That's right. Before we get another decent NFL video game, we still have at least five years to endure EA's incompetence. Until then, those of us who want to use real NFL players and teams to get real football simulation video games will have to be content with...wait, who can it be?

    That was Mike Jones, the 2021 first-round draft of the New England Patriots. If you can’t tell from the side-by-side comparison in the tweets, Mac Jones doesn’t look like his Madden opponent. The former Alabama quarterback has no beard, dark brown hair, and does not seem to have posted a picture of his old high school girlfriend on a wall in the basement. Although Jones’s rendering is terrible, unfortunately, this is not the worst character model that Madden has recently launched.

    Christian McCaffrey-Have you heard of Carolina's 2017 first-round running back? He became the third central defender in NFL history and sprinted to win 1,000 yards in the same season in 2019. He is not a scrub. He is a prolific backcourt passer and an official professional player in 2019. Buy MUT Coins is considered one of the best offensive weapons in the league today.