Understand these three things before starting the path of exile

  • Three things you need to know before embarking on the path of exile comes from the ashes of Diablo II that was once considered an isometric ARPG. It turns out that the fierce competition in Diablo III is now very strong, and with the emergence of a sequel to a large new expansion experiment, it is getting bigger and busier.

    Path of Exile is a game that does not contain players, so anyone who wants to learn everything in the game "tutorial" will only let themselves down. You will need hundreds of hours to learn the game. period. It is not something you play before you finish the story and then expect a satisfying ending or ending. The unanimously "fun" part of the game is to find or make a character build or skill set that allows you to either minimize the maximum or run everything. Reaching this point is an achievement in itself.

    In the path of exile, expecting success on the first attempt means that you are a novice and your dreams are about to die. The game's complex skill tree and POE Currency system builds your character layer by layer. Therefore, it is best not to take your first role seriously. No matter how good you think you build them, they can be squashed like bugs in the late game.

    In ARPG games such as Diablo, gold is the standard currency that drives economic flows. On the path of exile, forget your modern concept of capitalist economy, because there is only a barter system in this game. All the items sold by NPC merchants in the game require spheres, which are the game’s artificial currency, and they appear in many forms and become increasingly rare.

    This is a request that players will make to others when they want to POE Currency Buy or sell items. Unlike gold or other coins, the sphere has no purpose other than monetary value. Each orb has a function to modify items. This means they can be used as raw materials for production. It can almost be traced back to the Stone Age on the path of exile. Indeed, some human economies are expected to trade participants.