Path of Exile 2 PC partial preview

  • Since 2013, Grinding Gear Games has slowly built a community around Free Game Exile, a game whose creators were dissatisfied with the lack of available dungeon crawlers at the time. With Grinding Gear Games planning another Path of Exile expansion, the Ultimatum, it is working hard to make the next series entry: Path of Exile 2. The sequel introduces new game mechanics and weapons, but it will not leave the community behind. Yes, your Path of Exile character and purchase of POE Currency will continue to Path of Exile 2, allowing you to jump into new PC games without any hassle.

    The endgame content includes a new weapon category. For example, the spear allows you to perform melee and long-range attacks, and each weapon in this category has skills designed for mobility. The spear has the ability to engage/disengage, allowing you to rush into the melee range and bounce back when the weather is too hot.

    Crossbow is the second new weapon category. With it, you can load different bolt skill gems into your weapon to enjoy various effects. The armor-piercing projectile hits all targets in a straight line; the incendiary bomb sets the enemy on fire; and the permafrost bolts create a row of frozen enemies. By inserting different bolts and switching between them, you can get many tactical remote options. For example, the siege crossbow uses the same bolt type to shoot the enemy in a high arc instead of shooting straight forward like a standard crossbow.

    In Path of Exile 2, some of the weapon types of Path of Exile will be adjusted to give them a unique identity. In the original game, daggers and claws have a similar feel. In Path of Exile 2, claws will be classified as unarmed weapons, allowing you to use them for unarmed attacks and combos. Path of Exile 2 is a masterpiece of a team of 150 veterans to improve their skills. Not only the design of the new Act from beginning to end is better than the first Act, but POE Currency Buy will help make the game better.