3 things the ultimatum introduces for Path of Exile

  • Overcoming RPG Online RPG Path of Exile has achieved relatively stable growth throughout its life cycle. When they slowly realized the possibility and potential of a great system and game style, they won the hearts of fans.

    Path of Exile: The Ultimatum expansion pack will also include some highly anticipated Vaal skill updates. Almost all Vaal skills have been changed in some way, and some even give new
    POE Currency to the ultimatum. To name a few, Vaal Snow Nova and Vaal Blade Nova now have two charges. The damage caused by the Val earthquake is significantly increased and lasts longer, while the arrow of the Val Arrow Rain has been increased by 50%, and an additional sequence is added to the attack. These are just some changes made, and there will be further changes to the extension.

    The roguelike element of Judgment of Chaos is accompanied by an ultimatum of the same name that the player must execute at the end of the process. If you want to start with everything you have gained so far, you just need to leave the test. However, if you want to exchange your earned money for something more powerful, you can go back to Chaos Trial. According to the legend of the game, the ancient Vaal civilization took huge risks just to seek higher power. Therefore, in these encounters, the same ultimatum decision is also reasonable for the player. If you want to continue ranking prizes in the trial, be careful, because it will become very difficult in the future. If you fail, you will lose everything.

    Vaal Reliquary is a brand new final game, Reliquary Key, which will take you into a sealed vault with a large chest. The Vaal Relic Chest will always contain Vaal's unique items. The object will always have a special decorative attribute, the Foil attribute, which gives it a special background and rainbow color scheme. The Val Relic Key can be dropped from almost anything in the game, just like other relic keys in Path of Exile, but it is also the rarest relic key in the game because the items that can be found are in the Val Relic Box. Buy POE Currency to get more valuable items.