Path of Exile Developer solves the server problem in the extens

  • Grinding Gear Games solved the server problem of Path of Exile and the streaming priority of the queue related to the release of the ultimatum. The latest expansion of Path of Exile has arrived, but the release did not go as planned. The ultimatum was officially released on April 16, and with it came some of the most serious server problems that Path of Exile has experienced. However, these server issues are only part of the player's frustration. Grinding Gear Games not only faces criticism for the release of Path of Exile: Ultimatum, but also provides preferential treatment to broadcasters in the competitive environment of Ultimatum.

    The problem at hand is that the introduction of the ultimatum to Path of Exile has resulted in a long server queue, coupled with frequent disconnections forcing players to return to the server queue. However, live streamers are granted the privilege to skip the queue even if they are disconnected. Then, these players can get the endgame content earlier than other players, and use the rewards they get to maintain themselves at the top of the road of exile game economy. However, it is not clear who and how many anchors are allowed to pass, leading to a lot of reckless rumors and speculation.

    Grinding Gear Games later responded to this question, stating that it had paid Da Liuguang's ultimatum at the time of POE Currency. However, since the queue would prevent these players from logging in, they actually got paid and did nothing. Grinding Gear Games stated that it basically burned a lot of money, so it let these ribbons pass. However, Grinding Gear Games later added that it also let some other anchors pass, so they will not fall behind.

    Grinding Gear Games now says that allowing any anchor to bypass the Path of Exile queue is obviously a mistake. The studio admitted that it offended the waiting players and that it was not a level playing field for the latest league in Path of Exile. From now on, Grinding Gear Games has stated that it will not allow anchors to bypass the queue. POE Orbs can make the player win in the most relaxed state.