How "Madden 21" provided the perfect blueprint for the Mario fo

  • Fans are still waiting for Mario Football. Fortunately, "Madden 21" may have designed the perfect blueprint for it with a mode that is little known.

    In addition to often becoming the savior of the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario is also a world-class athlete, participating in almost every imaginable sports competition, but for some reason, football has always made him elusive. The Mario football game almost became a reality for a time, but ultimately failed. To this day, this sport is still the most significant gap in Mario's sports career. Perhaps this is because Nintendo does not know how to successfully integrate these two concepts, but the ideal blueprint for Mario Football actually already exists and can be found in Madden 21 Coins.

    The Madard is one of the most acclaimed Madden series of films this year. The courtyard is Madden's attempt to attract less interested audiences who don't care much about the technical ins and outs of Madden's standard mode. There are no pre-shooting adjustments, no typical football concept, and no obstructions even in the yard. This is a six-to-six model, full of disorderly chaos. Standard games usually consist of multiple passes and usually end with broken (but cartoonish) tackles. Compared to Madden's typical products, this chaotic and crazy fun feels almost different. However, it will be as at home as Mario's other sporting events.

    Mario returned to the link in "Mario Golf: Super Rush" this summer, which shows that Nintendo is still committed to Mario Sports despite some loopholes. I hope they will pay attention to Madden's The Yard mode, because the template it laid out was made by Mario and the company in the sky. The setup is simple; players will choose a group of 6 from Mario's general sports team, each with a different profession.

    Long-established big shots such as Donkey Kong and Bowser may be good at big shots and forced errors, while faster people like Yoshi may play a deeply threatening role, ready to stand out in defense. There is already such a system in the yard. Different players have different prototypes. Cheap Madden 21 Coins can take it to some wonderful top positions. For example, a major blow for Donkey Kong may be that he was mounted on a ball rack with Super Smash Bros' Giant Punch instead of a traditional tackle.