Maintenance of Garden Machine Parts

  • Use our basic knowledge list to safely solve the maintenance problems of garden machines. These tips apply to walk-behind mowers.

    Change the oil. Start the oil change every mowing season. Before starting work, make sure to disconnect the spark plug wire. In addition, before lifting the lawnmower, make sure that the gas tank is empty.

    Replace the spark plug. Check your user manual, but many people recommend replacing the spark plugs at the beginning of the mowing season.

    Sharpen the blade. Use metal files, whetstones or sharpening drill attachments to dispose of them yourself. Transfer the sharpening tool to the existing bevel edge. It always sharpens in the same direction every time it passes the knife.

    Tighten the bolts. Check all the bolts and screws of the lawnmower, and tighten all loose screws. Losing bolts while mowing is terrible-almost impossible to find.

    Clean up. After each mowing, sweep the grass clippings and debris away from the lawnmower. Make sure to remove debris from the engine air intake. Several times a season (especially when the grass is long or wet), clean the area under the mower. Before lifting the mower, disconnect the spark plug wire.

    Adjust the cutting height. Before starting the mower, check the cutting height carefully. If you lowered the mowing platform for leaf-cutting or made the final mowing last fall, make sure to raise it before starting a new mowing season.

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