Patterned aluminum plate alloys Patterned aluminum plate alloys

  • HUAWEI is a patterned aluminum plate producer in China, our aluminum tread plate has styles of one bar, two bars, 3 bars and 5 bars. The principle utility of patterned aluminum tread plate are anti skid and ornament, among the pattern, 5 bars aluminum tread plate has true anti-slip ability and is widely utilized in architectural floor and platform layout.
    The alloy of aluminum tread plate are 1000 collection of 1060, 3000 collection of 3003, 5000 series of 5052, 5083 and 5086 aluminum sheet plate. The characteristics of the aluminum tread plate are especially corrosion resistance, put on resistance, non-slip, low carbon environmental safety, clean coating, appropriate bodily residences, clean processing and other overall performance traits. Aluminum checker plate has properly interface traits, clean to apply, good overall performance, strong hardness and so forth.
    Distinctive patterns of aluminum chequered plate has exceptional application fields. As an instance, within the case of outer packaging or piping, aluminum diamond plate is used. Similarly, aluminum tread plates also are very commonplace in fixtures, including fridges, air conditioners, placing beams, desk legs, decorative strips, handles, cord troughs, and so forth. Five bars patterned aluminum plate is appropriate for out of doors use in sewage remedy, faucet water, energy vegetation and other industrial industries. Stair treads are also used for mechanical anti-skid and indoors anti-slip. Due to the fact the aluminum tread plate has proper anti-slip and aesthetics, it has a huge variety of applications in commercial plant life, manufacturing workshops, and transportation facilities.