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  • VML-1200 3 Axis High Rigidity & Heavy Duty Vertical Machining Center, 15 kW

    In the power sector there is interest in smaller reactors because of their lower capital costs, especially for off-grid sites. They also have the benefit of shorter construction times and less siting costs.

    Several SMR designs are in development. Some are based on conventional pressure vessels plus external steam generators, while others have the steam supply system within the buy reactors pressure vessel.

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    The mPower reactor is a small modular industrial reactors (SMR) developed by Babcock & Wilcox and Westinghouse in 2009. It uses high-assay low-enriched uranium TRISO fuel and produces about 4 GWe of electricity. Its design is intended to allow it to be railed to site and is inherently safe.

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    Small nuclear reactors are the focus of much research and development, as well as commercial activities. These are designed to be cheaper and simpler than large power stations based on conventional technology, while still providing high levels of reliability.

    These are aimed at remote sites, back-up power, maritime shipping and military instillations. They must have very high safety margins, be proliferation resistant and be mobile, affordable and modular. Moreover, they must produce low levels of power and operate for years without refuelling and servicing. There is also interest in building these smaller units as modules that can be assembled onsite, allowing for faster and easier construction. This can reduce the upfront capital cost, create efficiencies due to economies of scale and speed up the time needed to achieve first criticality.