The steam platform warns players to think clearly before buying

  • Compared with other digital PC game publishers in the industry, Steam has less planning. Although this eases the difficulty of self-publishing games on Steam, it makes the work platform unsafe, just like uploading an illegal version of a game without the developer's consent.

    The most recent example is the Sunken City game, which suddenly appeared on Steam. The shipping speed of players who Buy Steam Level items through the store will not be affected. Then the story was shared. Soon after that, the developer of Sunken City accused the publisher of the experience of stealing the code of the movement and illegally uploading it to Steam and urged players not to buy the Steam version.

    This process is very unpleasant, and the result is to delete the list to eliminate the Sunken City game from the Steam store. Cases of the Sunken City game are rare, but similar situations are not unheard of. A similar incident occurred earlier, and the name of the game is Roguelike.

    When a player purchases the game on Steam, the money will go to a third party instead of the original developer. But players can Buy a steam level boost. There is no dispute of interest. There is a problem. The third-party platform is open source and can be downloaded for free in other places, which cannot achieve the effect of protecting patents.

    Now, to protect the rights of players. Players are advised to take a moment to check the publisher and developer of the entire game on the game's Steam store page. Learn more before paying. If games that have not previously appeared on the official platform can suddenly be seen on Steam, this may be another misunderstanding.