Steam database ushered in a misunderstanding

  • SEGA lawyers mistakenly believed that the steam platform was a pirated site. Although some people have downloaded the latest Yakuza games online, the Steam database certainly should not be held responsible for these pirated copies. Unfortunately, this does not seem to prevent SEGA from filing a lawsuit to threaten the site.

    Yakuza may be the latest work in the SEGA Yakuza series. The game was released globally in November 2020. Fortunately, the store has not been affected, and players can still Buy a steam level boost. The goal of Yakuza is different from the previous characters. The upgraded version of the game has a lot of weird and novel fun, and it is widely acclaimed in the series.

    The Steam database is not a website for pirating games. The website tracks public information from multiple sources and displays it in an easy-to-use format. Information such as game prices, sales, and the number of players can be found in the Steam database.

    Even though the website is dedicated to viewing such information, it seems that the creator will still obtain the DMCA one or more times a year. As things developed, it affected a small number of players to Buy a steam level booster. The team's work is not easy to solve any sudden situation, but SEGA seems unwilling to reply to any news about this matter in the Steam database.

    Although understandable, SEGA may want to play a role of justice on websites that can help people with pirated games. But this process will be very difficult, mainly because of insufficient evidence and possible errors. I hope SEGA and its special lawyers can quickly realize that the Steam database is innocent.