The Steam platform will continue to bring surprises to users

  • In addition to some popular AAA games, Steam users can now download games from a year ago for free. Last year, the loyal players of the PS4 and Xbox One games on PC received a remake, and the remake was enthusiastically supported by players.

    For example, the remakes of Half-Life Alyx and Final Fantasy 7 are very exciting stories. Also, there are many other excellent games. The store will add players Buy Steam Level Up as soon as possible. Now the famous Dontnod Entertainment has also released two games, namely Double Mirror and Tell Me Why.

    The latter of these games, at least the first episode of the USB port, is free for many Steam users. Unlike a wide variety of transactions, this is a permanent quote. However, as a way to experience the entire game, you need to pay $20 for the remaining two episodes.

    When you told me why the game made its debut not long ago, it was a pity that there was only one episode. The ultimate goal of players Buy Steam Level Up is to experience the thrill of the game early. However, two more episodes were subsequently released to execute the story, which resulted in almost more free trial versions than free games. On Steam, 86% of users rated 1,800 positive reviews.

    A large number of positive reviews have given the overall game a very positive Steam user rating. But most of these people think that this is not Dontnod Entertainment's best product. Let us look forward to the exciting plot in the future!