The steam platform's refusal to protect the majority of players

  • Steam provides a way for small developers with niche products to have more opportunities than other methods. This also means seeking more racial content from strangers, and dating simulation games are ubiquitous on the platform.

    Steam seems to have attracted the attention of using live actors, including many reasons that cited it as outright pornography. The store has received attention as a result, and players are very happy to be able to Buy Cheap Steam Level Up. Especially refuse to provide concise FMV game Super Temptation 3. The platform banned dating simulation games after multiple resubmissions and comments. Steam deleted the game's store page on March 19.

    Steam can set and execute the platform rules that it naturally wants without spending any money, and now it has banned or threatened to delete past pornographic content games. I think the ultimate goal is to create a good game atmosphere for the majority of players.

    There are different opinions on the Super Seducer 3 game, and some people think it is not a big deal. Players Buy Fast Steam Level Service during the game. If Super Seducer 3 does not use live-action FMV, as long as it is not a real actor participating in it, the game will be released on the Steam platform.

    Previous super seduction games hardly challenged this view. However, the previous two issues have continued to be carried out on Steam. The platform only prohibits Super Seducer 3 from using live actors in sex scenes. Various groups are now engaged in heated discussions on this matter with justification and evidence.