Steam is unlikely to sell pickup truck artist's game Super Temp

  • Valve refused to provide Super Seducer 3 on Steam, and the company's listing may be deleted. Richard La Ruina, one of the game developers, posted the good news on Twitter and a screenshot of Valve's response to the game.

    Super Seducer 3 is usually a completely dynamic computer game that uses multiple-choice dialogue to make the protagonist succeed when dating a lady. It is also a pity that related items are listed on the store level, but players can Buy Steam Level. This game claims to be an educational tool that can help men learn how to talk to girls.

    La Ruina promotes the pickup artist culture, which is a male residential area whose purpose is always to help others and have sex with girls. Various critics agree that the culture of pickup artists is sexist and female aversion.

    The reason why Val rejected this action is that according to the before and after screenshots between La Ruina and Val, Steam will not release pornographic images of real people. Players can Buy a steam level boost to experience the game, and pornographic images will adversely affect minors. In the letter, Ruina claimed to have the advice of consulting a lawyer.

    Super Seducer 3 will continue to be removed from the store. They are not allowed to publish in all forms. In response, Valve representatives reiterated their decision not to sell experience or evaluate actions. Valve hopes to refund the amount used to list games on Steam in 2018. The first and second games of the SuperSeducer series are still on Steam.