Steam is preparing for a better gaming experience

  • In the past, Steam envisioned a house with a Steam Machine game box in its living room. The idea of playing PC games comfortably on such a large screen will go smoothly on the sofa. otherwise, most PC games plan to use a keyboard and mouse.

    With the growth and development of science and technology, various games in some schools provide advertising support for game controllers. The store provides various services, including Player Buy Steam Level. With Steam's latest dashboard feature, the largest distributors in the PC gaming market are telling developers to first care about controller support.

    According to the latest statistics from Steam, you can find 48 million players who use controllers in Steam games. From this data, you can see how the trend changes. For developers, perhaps they should also change their expectations.

    Steam will add new reports to its Steamworks sales and activation dashboard so that developers can keep track of how the game controller is used. Player Buy Steam Level is also one of the ways to experience exciting games. It shows the number of players using the controller. This number can inspire developers and tell them what to do next and whether they need to add support for the controller in any way.

    Steam itself provides developers with two methods to support the controller. The simplest is Gamepad Emulation. Although more involved, the Steam Input API provides more flexibility and functionality while still eliminating the hassle of targeting every PS or Xbox controller on the market.