Fortress: Warlords are now available on Steam

  • New RTS games can be purchased at a 10% discount on Steam GOG, Humble Bundle, and other platforms. The developers are actually celebrating the release of Fortress: Warlords with all the final release trailers.

    Fortress: Including 31 mission battles with conflicts and siege from China in 300 BC to Japan in the 16th century. The existence of the store is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, players can Buy Steam Level at a low price. Fortress: Warlords cover a wide range of historical periods, introducing legends such as Genghis Khan and lesser-known rulers such as Thuc Phan.

    The establishment of Warlords is based on a brand new environment where players know and love everything about the fortress. Warlord provides something for every fortress fan, whether they enjoy single-player battles or not, unlimited castle building freedom in free construction mode, offline skirmishes, or online multiplayer games with friends and AI.

    The game includes all the expected content of the mainline entries in the series, as well as new gunpowder refueling devices, siege weapons, and favorites such as siege towers and horseback archers. Players can Buy a steam level boost to reduce the difficulty of the game. Through the Fortress: Warlord version, the nominal Warlord system is also enhanced. This is a brand new game mechanism that allows players to get rid of, upgrade and command the AI ​​Warlord on the battlefield.

    The player chooses to establish an alliance through the diplomatic institution of the consulate, only to join the army and force the warlord to kneel. These connections will form or undermine its overall strategy. They have the ability to provide players with special forces and attack the enemy through clamping actions!