Steam only launches 53 games in China

  • Since 2018, we have also heard that Steam is about to be launched in China and hope that it will become a strictly restricted version on the front of the digital store. Now that it is finally released, only 53 titles can be found. There are thousands of international versions.

    Valve cooperates with Perfect World to produce viable steam for China. However, cooperation with a company that owns a Chinese company cannot circumvent China's strict regulations on game publishing and review. The store is open to players from all over the world, and players can Buy Steam Level Up in less time. Therefore, such a limited game circulation does not constitute a real impact.

    According to PCGamer, this is worse than this because there is no community function. Except for user comments, all other community features, Steam Workshop, guides, and community pages have no exchange boards. You can play purchased games related to the international version of Steam in Steam China customers.

    When players purchase the Chinese version of the game, there is a restriction on players. Players first need to have a Steam account. Only because they can share similar account login information. Players choose the Buy Steam Level Up based on their experience after many attempts. But this only works if China approves the sale of ownership.

    According to the latest data, Steam refreshed the modern record of concurrent players and refreshed the number of concurrent players in January. The Steam experiment browses its huge game library in a whole new way. Currently, the international version of Steam can be accessed from within China, and now there is an official version.