The story of the sunken city in the steam library

  • Due to a legal dispute between developer Frogwares and publisher Nacon, Sinking City exited Steam with other stores a year ago. Without Frogwares' approval, Sunken City reappeared on Steam. Putting the Sunken City game on and off the shelves affected a small number of players.

    Frogwares accused Nacon of hacking its game code and uploading an illegal version of the sport to Steam. In the allegations at the time, Sunken City was in operation. Buy Steam Level Up in the store can currently be used normally. The situation changed shortly afterward, and now players search for and click on the game on Steam, and it will take you back to the leading storefront.

    According to Steam, the experience was deleted caused by Frogwares' DMCA takedown notice. A DMCA notice is our most valuable tool. It provided us with the perfect time to obtain more potential evidence and initiated other necessary and lengthy legal procedures to counteract this from happening again.

    We understand that the DMCA statement caused by this Steam version may be a temporary solution. Buy Steam Level Up will not be affected in the dispute. If during this time they think they must always sell the entire game, then we can only respect this while continuing to talk to them and provide them with additional information. It takes a lot of time to get them to make the final decision.

    In conclusion, at present, Frogwares and Nacon have not reached a unified recommendation. It is not certain whether the games on the shelves are stable. Fans are advised not to purchase this version of the action. If fans like this game very much, Sunken City can still be purchased on PC through other stores.