Steam's new year promotion activities reach a climax, and gamer

  • The Steam Lunar New Year Sale starts at 10 am on February 15th. It brings discounts to many games and provides free animated Ox stickers every day in the sale. Various types of games have discounts, and interested shoppers can filter large discounts by type or theme.

    Steam new year promotion event participants, using this type of game, can enjoy an 80% discount. This activity is very popular among players. After players have purchased their favorite game, they will Buy Steam Level Up on because there are few opportunities every year. 25% off the beloved Fall Guys. And Human: Fall Flat can enjoy a 60% discount, and the price is lower.

    Steam started the Lunar New Year promotion on February 11th and continued until February 15th. According to the sales page, there are a large number of discounted games in genres and themes. Fall Guys and Human: Popular games such as Fall Flat. 400. Cyberpunk 2077 enjoys a 10% discount. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt can get an 80% discount.

    Fallout 4 VR is a 70% discount. Need for Speed ​​Payback Deluxe Edition can enjoy a 65% discount, which can also be purchased through Rs. Buy Steam Level Up can help players clear the game at a lower price and win the game with their teammates. 525. The price of Ghostrunner has a 33% discount compared to the original price.

    Dead by Daylight offers a 40% discount, a 75% discount available on ADD PRICE and Cities: Skylines, and includes a price tag of Rs. The latter can be played completely for free for the next 3 days. Doomsday's eternal cost is lower than the typical price of the rupee. Star Wars Jedi: The price of the Fallen Order is discounted by 50%.