Persona 5 Strikers was Steam's best-selling product before laun

  • Fans of the Persona series need to upgrade it to Persona 5 Assault because the action-adventure game has been squeezed into Steam's best-selling list before its release. The Dynasty Warriors series merged with RPG games Persona 5 derivatives ranked 10th in the Steam bestseller list this week.

    In the game world, there will be new games on the shelves every time. Persona is not the only new thing, but it is a new game that creates an entry point. After winning the Buy Steam Level Up, some players will quickly start the next game. Battlefield V and Grand Theft Auto V-Steam debuted for the second time in six years-both also appeared, probably due to the recent Steam Lunar Sale.

    The Viking Valheim once again stood on the top of the mountain, maintaining the highest position, and since it has sold 3 million copies and contains 400,000 concurrently active players, it is likely to continue for some time.

    Immortal Legend followed closely, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds followed closely, and Rust continued to maintain the lead. For example, players can buy Steam Level from the MMOSO store to quickly win in the game. Nioh 2's ranking dropped by three to sixth, while Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčThieves rose by one, from eighth to ninth.

    Diego Arguello likes Persona 5 Strikers very much as part of his review. he wrote: Despite various changes, Persona 5 Strikers still maintains the charm of the original design. Gathering with these characters again, the dialogue is really exciting, with the same familiar combination, thoughtful introspection, and the stupid dialogue recognized in the series.