Steam Game Festival 2021: An interesting game showcase

  • Vilhelm is a multiplayer survival game released by Coffee Stain Publishing. Vilhelm takes the player into a hunting world full of Norse mythology, beasts, hunting beasts, and many hostile worlds that may be made and built.

    The first thing players will notice in the game is its graphics. They are basic and charming. Despite the modern lighting and draw distance, everything looks like a low poly version of the game. Buy Steam Level in the store to get the best experience. This may be a highly stylized art direction with surprisingly good results.

    As for your gameplay in Wollheim, the ball holder will fall into a randomly generated world and be in a leading position because of the crow, thus completing a fairly simple tutorial. Some of the main goals include most of the expectations you get from survival games: chop an ax, chop down trees, build a house and feed yourself. But soon, the crow instructs someone to hunt down one of the many beasts near you.

    All these operations can be done individually, but there should be a group of people to experience the game settings. Players can destroy creatures together, deal with challenging boss battles, and help others craft skills and obtain food. Buy Cheap Steam Level Up can help teammates win. The developer pushed the environment to the established artistic style. The forest feels dense, and the storms sweeping the coastline make people feel pain and tension.

    Regarding craftsmanship, you will find usually Viking-style walls and roofs, floors and stars, chests and workbenches, and other weapons, tools, and armor. But unlike other survival games, Wollheim provides some terrain editing tools for you to use, while other survival games require terrain.