Heat Transfer Label Manufacturers Introduce Heat Transfer Paper

  • What is heat transfer paper?

    Think of heat transfer paper as a type of fabric sticker, you can print any design on the paper with your home inkjet printer and then apply it to fabrics with 100% natural content. The paper from heat transfer label manufacturers has special heat transfer technology that uses heat to fuse your printed design to your fabric by pressing it with a heat press or hand iron.

    What can you design and customize with heat transfer paper?

    You can print anything on the paper like Images, quotes, sayings, names and then apply it to 100% natural fabrics. Personalize jackets, hoodies, shirts, pants, socks and so many other items. You can use heat transfer paper on any natural fabric for any occasion.

    Maybe you have a child in sports? Sports moms love to make shirts showing support for their favorite athlete and his/her team; afterall we are their number 1 fan now and always!

    What’s the best type of fabric to use with heat transfer paper?

    You must transfer onto a fabric that contains 100% natural fibers. For example silk, linen or cotton. The heat transfer paper will NOT work well on polyester fabrics or fabrics with stretchy content, like lycra or spandex blends. Be sure to pre-wash your fabric before use to avoid any stretching once the transfer is fused on. Once your fabric is clean and dry, give it a quick iron before applying the heat transfer paper. Wondering how to find the content composition of your fabric? Simply locate the fabric tag on the clothing and it will tell you the composition, for example 100% cotton or 100% linen.

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