It Is Important To Know How To Use Plastic Bucket Heat Transfer

  • As we all know, not all plastic bucket heat transfer machine are created equal.

    That’s why it’s not uncommon or unusual to ask how to use a heat press machine.

    There are those machines that are just functional (very basic) which is good for small jobs and home use.

    They’re much more affordable and could be perfect if you’re just starting out and you prefer to save a few hundred bucks.

    Is your heat press machine meant for home use or rather for bulk printing?
    Depending on what sort of printing you plan on doing with your t shirt press, you need to choose the right heat press machine.
    The professional heat press machines are geared for making bulk orders.

    They have a much bigger platen (metal board) for a bigger working area to cater large garments.

    The professional t shirt press is also complete with more sophisticated time, temperature, and pressure settings.

    This is perfect for t-shirt entrepreneurs who are planning to offer orders by the hundreds in the future.

    But whether you’re using the basic or the pro, heat press machines are basically operated the same way.

    Here are step-by-step instructions on how to use a heat press machine:

    Turn on the power by flipping the on/off switch
    Turn the thermostat knob to the right until you see the red heating light
    When the thermometer indicates the desired temperature for your transfer, turn the knob back to the left until the heating light turns off. The heating light will go on and off to regulate your desired temperature
    If your machine has a digital timer, press it to start the timer and when you hear the alarm, press stop to reset
    Lift up the handle to open the press
    Lay out t-shirt and lay Transfer Paper onto shirt facing down
    Bring the handle down. The handle should lock firmly in place
    Set the timer based on the instructions on your Transfer Paper
    Lift the handle to open the press
    Peel the Transfer Paper from the shirt
    Allow at least 24 hours for the print to “lock” before washing the t-shirts