We Introduce These Problems in the Plastic Bucket Heat Transfe

  •   The plastic bucket heat transfer machine is a very popular thermal transfer transfer equipment. We often encounter many problems when using it. Let us take a look at what should we do if we encounter these situations?

      Scenario 1: Overprinted dark streaks in the image printed by the thermal transfer machine

      The reasons for this situation are:

       1. The ink head of the digital thermal transfer machine is offset, the single ink head has an oblique offset, and the two ink heads are not aligned;

      2. The paper feeder jammed too tightly, resulting in poor paper feeding, causing a large resistance to the Y-axis stepping motor, and failing to reach the standard step value;

      3. There are differences in the stepping amount when feeding paper of different thicknesses.

       The corresponding solution can be:

       1. To calibrate the print head, please contact a professional technician for handling;

      2, manual paper is used to reduce resistance;

      3, the nozzle is disconnected to clean the nozzle;

      4. If the amount of printing ink is not enough, you can increase the amount of ink;

       5. If the paper feeder is too tight, you can try to relax the paper feeder.

       Situation 2: Thermal transfer machine dripping ink

      In this case, our solutions are:

       1. The temperature is too low to increase the ambient temperature;

      2, the nozzle is not cleaned and clean the nozzle again;

      3, the pipe or ink sac is ruptured to replace the pipe or ink sac;、

      4. Add too much ink and the amount of ink does not exceed the ink.

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