You Need to Know Important Matters of Heat Transfer Printing Fi

    1. before using heat transfer printing film, keep printing substrates clean and tidy;
    2. At printing and production, avoid contact with sharp objects, in order to avoid scratches, impact effect
    3. At printing and production, avoid contact with hot objects
    4. Offset printing, pay attention to the light to take and light put, prevent scratch color printing design;
    5. Putting it together should not exceed 20 after printing offset printing products, prevent print the stick. And enter pump suction wet wet room 12 h about 40 ℃, after the offset printing ink drying, then screen printing.
    6. This product is applicable to water, oily silk screen printing ink

    7.After Silk screen printing baking temperature between 50 ℃ to 65 ℃ advisable, to prevent high temperature lead to slight deformation generates set of bit of film not accurate

    8.Before transfering the image, cut out the other parts of the blank and with 2 mm border.

    9.Transfer temperature:130℃-150℃, Trnsfer time: 6-15s Press:20-30 pounds

    1. Machine time out, lift or move the machine heating panel, please be sure to tear up the film above immediately

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