Heat Tranfer Printing Film Is On Hot Sale

  • Screen printing is not traditionally known as the most environmentally friendly industry. Luckily, there are numerous ways to help make a positive environmental impact. Here at Lawson, we are proud to be recognized by SGIA for our Sustainable Business and Environmental Program. Making small, daily decisions helps reduce screen printing environmental footprints and improves the well-being for everyone. It also pays to be green. Taking certain measures reduces your overhead and helps grow your profits. One easy way to start making your shop a little greener is to recycle your old film positives.

    These heat transfer printing film positive transparency films are made on Polyethylene terephthalate (PET or PETE). The good news is that PET is easily recyclable. Recyclers require it to be labeled with the #1 PETE symbol. Since screen print film positives do not come with the recycling symbol printed on each sheet, you will need to add it.

    PETE Recycle Symbol
    Adding the recycle symbol is easy and can be downloaded from the internet. Simply put it on your film positive after you complete your color separations and prior to printing your film. Remember, since you have printed an additional image onto your transparency film, the emulsion will wash out. To stop every shirt or garment from having the recycling symbol on it, make sure to tape over the image prior to printing (just like you would with your registration marks).

    Any recycler that takes plastic will take PETE. Once it is labeled correctly, go ahead and start recycling it. It is that easy. You are on your way to a greener and more environmentally friendly screen printing shop.

    We are one of the heat transfer label manufacturers and welcome to your come and purchase!