We Give An Recommendation of Heat Transfer Printing Film

  • Although heat transfer printing film is used in many products in our daily life, we may not know that it is made by heat transfer film. It is normal to not know the main materials of heat transfer film. of. In fact, according to the structure of the heat transfer film, there are heat transfer film base film, release agent, ink, adhesive and other materials. Let's take a closer look together next!

    The adhesive for heat transfer is a hot melt adhesive, which is a colorless, transparent or light yellow viscous liquid. After drying and forming a film, the film is transparent. It has excellent composite fastness and excellent composite fastness on the surface with the release agent and ink. It has good flexibility, abrasion resistance, water resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and good wear resistance.

    Thermal transfer inks are gravure inks, and the drying of the ink mainly depends on the volatilization of the solvent. After the substrate film is determined, the appropriate ink should be selected according to the use of the printed matter and the nature of the printing material or the requirements of the construction order. Check the fineness and viscosity of the ink , Hue, adhesion and other indicators, to see if all meet the printing quality requirements of the ink.

    Release agent
    The release agent is a low-viscosity transparent resin with release properties, film-forming properties and adhesive properties. Because the solvent in the release agent evaporates faster, it is necessary to pay attention to controlling the viscosity during the transfer process, that is, control The solid content of the release agent is generally controlled at about 23%. If the solid content is less than 19%, the transfer effect of the thermal transfer film after the release agent is not ideal. At the same time, pay attention to the transparency of the release agent, otherwise it will Affect the effect of the printed layer.

    Substrate film
    There are many kinds of carriers for heat transfer film, and the most widely used is PET. It has the characteristics of good dimensional stability, uniform tension, good heat resistance, and good release properties. Especially in the reproduction of color gradation originals Obvious advantages. The specifications of the film such as width, thickness, size and brand are pressed.

    The above are the common main materials of several kinds of heat transfer film, I believe you all understand! Heat transfer film is gradually becoming more and more used in the clothing industry. Yiwu Dingsheng specializes in the production of heat transfer film. If you need to process heat transfer film, PVC blister transfer film, wood plastic transfer film, get up and call us as soon as possible!

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