Know History and Charateristics of Heat Transfer Paper

  •    At present, the most cutting-edge heat transfer paper production technology in the world is the United States, which has formulated international standards for heat transfer paper production. The world's most authoritative transfer paper coating research and production organization is the "One Step Papers" research organization in the United States. The earliest inkjet thermal transfer paper research began in 1983 and was born in the Step Research Laboratory in the United States. AW is the world's first professional company to invest in the field of inkjet thermal transfer paper. Its world-renowned Transjet II and Transsrar series of transfer papers come from the "One Step Papers" organization and are the world's top quality transfer paper products. Usually called Importing transfer paper or American heat transfer paper for the United States, the TRANSSTAR series became a globally recognized brand of heat transfer printing that went on sale in the Chinese market in 2009. TRANSSTAR fully entered the Chinese mainland market in 2009 and has become the most cost-effective American imported transfer paper brand on the market.

    Disadvantages: thick hand feeling, like rubber after transfer, airtight, color cast, dark (color), stretched surface cracking, easy to fall off, peeling after washing, dyeing, etc. Generally this phenomenon is mostly domestic transfer paper , Because China has not yet implemented technical standards for the thermal transfer paper industry.

    Because the American transfer paper is produced in accordance with uniform industry standards, its quality characteristics are: ultra-thin, soft, breathable, vivid and vivid, and will not decolor after 48 hours of washing, and will not burst and crack. After washing, the pattern and clothes are completely penetrated. . Only an ordinary color inkjet printer such as HP HP, EPSON Epson or Canon can complete the photo-level pattern transfer. Therefore, the transfer paper imported from the United States is very popular among custom tailors in various countries.

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