Speical Heat Transfer Paper

  • heat transfer printing film transfer range

    1. Personalized gift market
      Print your own photos or favorite pictures, icons, and text on the gifts to get rid of the gift’s stereotyped faces and better reflect the value of the gift and the originality of the gift giver.

    2. Home decoration market
      The domestic home decoration market has reached tens of billions, and home personalized decoration is quietly popular. Decorating your home with your favorite style and creating a space of your own personality has gradually become a popular trend.

    3. Personalized products market
      A considerable part of the users in the popular mobile phone and digital product markets are young and fashionable groups. Printing your own logo on these products is the best expression of individuality.

    4. Personalized image consumer products
      With the rapid development of digital imaging, people are no longer limited to printing their photos on photographic paper. The universal digital printing system can print any image on crystal, glass, acrylic, metal, ceramic, canvas, etc.

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