It Is Important to Properly Store Heat Transfer Paper

  • Clothing factories often need to use heat transfer paper in order to allow patterns to be attached to clothes, so they often buy and use this product. But for the factory, it is not that all the heat transfer paper will be used up at once. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to preserve the important heat transfer paper to avoid problems and cannot be used.

    1. Do not store in a humid place

    Thermal transfer paper is mainly used in combination with ink, so sublimation paper cannot be stored in a dark and damp place, otherwise the ink coloring ability will be reduced when it is used later. Moreover, it is prone to a large amount of water vapor when placed in a damp place. In severe cases, the material of the sublimation paper will melt, so that it cannot be used normally in the future.

    1. Avoid strong light

    There is a significant difference between thermal transfer paper and ordinary paper. It is difficult for ordinary paper to have a big impact when exposed to strong light, but if the sublimation paper is exposed to the sun, cracks will appear on the surface, and the material coating will appear after a long time. Fall off. The white sublimation paper is not too serious and can be used reluctantly, but the situation shown by the colored sublimation paper will be especially obvious.

    1. Keep away from fire

    Under high temperature conditions, the pattern on the thermal transfer paper will melt. Because the adhesion of the pattern is mainly maintained by ink, it must be kept away from the fire source and try not to store it in a room with a high temperature. When not in use, it can be sealed and stored in a cloth bag. Do not directly contact the space to maintain the use effect of the sublimation paper.

    The purchase of regular heat transfer paper can have a good use effect, but it needs to be properly preserved after purchase to maintain the original condition. Otherwise, even if the quality of the sublimation paper is not good, it will be slow with the passage of time. The slow quality will deteriorate, and the coating will fall off seriously. It should be stored in a dry but low temperature room without direct contact with the air.

    If you are interested in heat transfer printing film, welcome to your come and purchase!