Pay Attention to Definition of Toughness and Brittleness of Hea

  • The toughness of heat transfer paper is actually the relationship between stress and strain. If the elongation of the paper is small, when the external force acts on the paper, it is difficult for the paper to undergo greater strain and is more likely to break; if the elongation is large, the paper will be strained first when the force is the same. fracture. In practice, paper with high tensile strength and low elongation may not have better performance than paper with low tensile strength and high elongation. The reason is that the latter can absorb more energy and exhibit higher performance. Of resilience.

    The brittleness of transfer paper refers to the properties of paper that are easy to fold, break, and have poor toughness when subjected to impact force or bending force. The index to measure the brittleness of paper is the degree of brittleness, and the degree of brittleness of paper is expressed by the percentage of the tensile strength of the paper sample after a certain amount of compression. Paper in use often has such a phenomenon that when used under conditions of impact, shaking or kneading, paper with higher tensile strength is more likely to crack or break than paper with lower tensile strength. This is only because The former is due to greater brittleness. Whether the paper is strong or brittle mainly depends on the resistance and dispersion ability of the paper sheet to stress. For paper with high stress dispersing ability, the stress acting on one part of the paper can be quickly dispersed and transferred to a larger range, so that the stresses are more balanced, so as to prevent local fracture and damage.

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