The Presence of Thermal Transfer Technology in Daily Life

  •  Thermal transfer technology is a technology in which patterns and patterns are printed on heat-resistant adhesive paper, and the patterns and patterns of the ink layer are printed on finished materials through heating and pressure. Even for patterns of multiple colors, since the transfer operation is just a process, customers can shorten the pattern printing operation and reduce the loss of materials (finished products) caused by printing errors. Using thermal transfer film printing, multi-color patterns can be formed at one time, without color registration, and simple equipment can also print realistic patterns.

     Because of its corrosion resistance, impact resistance, aging resistance, abrasion resistance, fire resistance, it does not change color after 15 years of outdoor use. Therefore, a series of heat transfer technology equipment such as heat transfer machines, heat press machines, and hot stamping machines are widely used in electrical appliances, daily necessities, building materials, and decoration.

    The process of thermal transfer is to transfer the color or pattern on the transfer film to the surface of the workpiece through the heating and pressure of the thermal transfer machine. The heat transfer machine has one-time graphics, bright colors, lifelike, high gloss, good adhesion, no pollution, and durable wear. Thermal transfer equipment is used to decorate aluminum profiles and various metal plates, which can achieve the effect of wood products or marble. The following is an introduction to several heat transfer processes:

    First´╝î the thermal transfer equipment can quickly transfer the required wood grain or marble grain to the surface of the aluminum powder coating in 3-5 minutes according to the working principle of the sublimation principle and can penetrate into the interior of the coating 40-60 microns.

    Second, the aluminum transfer production process: First, use a film machine to cut the heat transfer film to the required size. The second is to use a transfer ultrasonic packaging machine to weld the cut transfer film into a workpiece packaging bag according to the size of the workpiece by ultrasonic welding. The third is to insert the workpiece package bag made of transfer film on the packaging platform. The fourth is to place the workpiece wrapped with the transfer film on the platform of the thermal transfer machine trolley and place 18 aluminum materials in turn, connect the vacuum taps to the two ends of the aluminum materials and lock them, turn on the vacuum switch, and the transfer film is tight. Close to the aluminum material. The trolley automatically sends the aluminum material into the baking furnace, the baking furnace automatically heats up to 220 degrees and keeps it for 3 minutes, and the trolley automatically exits the baking furnace. The fifth is to loosen the vacuum tap and remove the workpiece. Sixth, remove the transfer film and check the quality of the workpiece.

     Third, the lithographic heat transfer production process, one is to use a film cutting machine to cut the heat transfer paper roll to the required size. The second is to attach the heat transfer paper film to the surface of the workpiece and place it on the flat heat transfer machine. The third is to push the plate to the heating zone of the plate heat transfer machine, press the pressure plate switch, and the pressure plate will tightly press the heat transfer paper on the workpiece, heat, and keep it warm for one minute. The fourth is to raise the platen, push the workpiece to the piece section, remove the transfer film, remove the workpiece and inspect it.

      Thermal transfer technology can be seen almost everywhere, and almost all products have labels made in this way. For example, open the mobile phone case, use the plastic bucket label produced by the plastic bucket heat transfer machine, the appearance of the carbon pen, the clothing logo, and so on.

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