China Vertical Taping Machine factory

  • China Vertical Taping Machine factory Parameter description of single-disc vertical tape wrapping machine Appearance drawing of single-disc vertical strapping machine Specifications and Models of Single Disc Vertical Taping Machine Main model锛歀BZ630鈥擫BZ800 Main uses and features of the single-disc vertical strapping machine Mainly used for aluminum foil, Mylar tape, paper tape wrapping tape of network core wire, HDMI wire, USB wire; two heads or three heads can be configured according to user needs; the tension of the belt is controlled by mechanical friction plate or electronically controlled magnetic powder clutch; The spool loading and unloading method is manual ejector operation or pneumatic operation; the main shaft bearing adopts domestic high-quality bearings or Japanese imported NSK high-quality bearings. Main technical parameters TypeLBZ630LBZ800 Pay off typeMotorized or PassiveMotorized or Passive Pay off Dimension鈮の?30mm鈮の?00mm Lapping pitchElectric control Stepless adjustmentElectric control Stepless adjustment Wire Diameter桅1.0~桅12mm桅3.0~桅20mm Taping DiameterMAX桅300 disc diameter~桅50mm apertureMAX桅500 Disc Diameter ~桅75mm Aperture Main motor1.5kw2.2kw Capstan motor1.5kw4kw Taping rotate speedMAX 2500RPM/MinMAX 2500RPM/Min Take up Dimension鈮の?30mm鈮の?00mmChina Vertical Taping Machine factory website: