Introduction To The Characteristics Of Enameled Copper Square W

  • enameled copper square wire is a combination of pure copper and aluminum. Let me tell you about it.
    The strength and elongation of pure copper conductors are greater than copper-clad aluminum conductors. From the perspective of cable design, pure copper conductors have better mechanical strength than copper-clad aluminum conductors. However, in practical applications, copper-clad aluminum conductors are better than pure copper, because the overall weight of copper-clad aluminum conductors is lighter than pure copper conductor cables. If you use copper-clad aluminum wires
    It can bring a lot of convenience to cable transportation and cable erection workers. At the same time, copper-clad aluminum wire is a little softer than pure copper, and is much better than pure copper cable in terms of flexibility.
    In summary, do you know anything about enameled aluminum strip?