Detailed Explanation Of The Characteristics Of Copper Magnet Wi

    1. Copper magnet wire, with two thermal grades of 105 and 120, has excellent impact toughness, adhesion, resistance to insulating oil and refrigerant resistance, but the product has poor water resistance, thermal softening, low penetration temperature, and durable benzene Alcohol mixed with organic solvents have weak performance, and only a small amount is used for winding of oil-immersed transformers and oil-filled motors.
    2. Polyester and modified material polyester enameled wire, generally the thermal class of polyester enameled wire is 130, and the thermal class of enameled wire after modified material is 155. The product has high impact toughness, and has excellent ductility, adhesion, electrical equipment performance and water washing resistance. The disadvantage is that it has poor high temperature impact resistance and low water resistance. It is the largest type of total output in my country at this stage, accounting for about two-thirds, and it is widely used in various motors, household appliances, instrument panels, telecommunications equipment and electrical products.

      3. Polyurethane enameled wire; thermal class is 130, 155, 180, 200. The major feature is that it has direct solderability, good high frequency resistance, easy coloring, and good water resistance. It is generally used in electronic devices, household appliances, instruments, communication equipment, and dashboards. The disadvantage of this product is slightly weaker impact toughness. , The high temperature resistance performance is not high, and the flexibility and adhesion of the large-scale model line are weak, so the specifications and models produced by this product are mostly small and medium-sized and small lines. The elongation of the paint film itself is not large. When it is applied to the transmission line, it has adhesive force. It is caused by the mutual diffusion of the molecular structure between the paint and the metal material. copper magnet wire is an optically active polymer, which has good compatibility with conductors, is good for molecular diffusion and has good adhesion.